Some of the key resources we've gathered to help families, staff and educators make a difference in our future care can be found here.
I hope you find them helpful in your life, work or community as well.                          ~ Mary Matthiesen 
Founder, Conversations for Life

The Conversation Game (tm) 2 Pack Dying to Make a Difference
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The Conversation Game (tm) 2 Pack Dying to Make a Difference
Who can benefit from using the game?

The game offers a great tool to facilitate discussions, getting people to think and talk about positive values and goals for having the best end of life possible.

  • Social workers, health educators and care home staff, or anyone meeting with patients and their loved ones to start conversations about end of life care
  • Hospice workers to stimulate discussions about what the patient may hope for
  • Physicians can use the game with a patient who doesn’t have anyone to act on their behalf, to give them a chance to understand what goals and values are guiding the treatment decisions the patient is making
  • A Patient to help them articulate their priorities and concerns
  • A Mother, daughter, father, sister, brother (healthy or ill) who wants to open the conversation with a partner, parent, family member or friend
  • In health education classes on advance care planning to help patients and their potential advocate compare and discuss priorities that they hold in common, and to discover where their priorities differ
  • Community members in local meetings, at family gatherings and in religious discussion groups
  • Individuals with elderly parents or young adult children to help prepare for their possible role as health care spokesperson

The cards have been field tested in the US and the UK and are licensed for distribution to the Conversations for Life programme by Coda Alliance USA.

For More Information about the cards, how they work, and where they came from, download our full FAQ here.

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Dying to Make A Difference
One woman's liberating journey to heed life's call after her mother's death-and the legacy that's possible when we do.
by Mary Matthiesen, Creator of Conversations for Life

Part memoir, part call to action, Dying to Make a Difference is a story about the power we each hold to learn from our experience after the death of a loved one. To make a difference. Change our future. One conversation, one choice at a time. With honesty and humor, Mary's unexpected journey to heed life's call after her mother's death paints a picture of the possibilities and the pitfalls, including a vision of what's possible for our future when we each make the difference we are uniquely called to make-living AND dying well. Told by a baby boomer woman who's personal journey is about encouraging us all to do just that.

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