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Conversations for Life! DVD & Toolkit Conversations for Life! DVD & Toolkit

This DVD Toolkit is for educators or community facilitators who want to inspire and engage patients, families and seniors in planning ahead for their future care (advance care conversations and planning).

Designed for experienced educator/facilitators looking for new ways to engage the public in advance care conversations and planning
, this Film Discussion Guide & Toolkit gives you the top tools used in the nationally endorsed Conversations for Life public health campaign (UK) with workshops delivered to hundreds of members of the public.

The film, card game and worksheets help educators raise awareness and support participants to:

  • Open these conversations
  • Explore what matters most to them
  • Support them to make informed choices
  • Help them access available resources over time
  • Begin to create a ‘personal action plan’
  • And access further information or support over time

The Conversations for Life workshops and film were inspired by the stories of real people and provided participants with the first step to overcome the taboo of talking about death and dying in order to have a say in their future care. The workshops introduced the basics of 'advance care conversations' via a film of their peers, and provided an opportunity for participants to explore and define for themselves why these conversations are important to them, and to practice how they will begin to start talking with family members, their carers or other professionals.

Your Film Discussion Guide & Toolkit includes:

  • Information about the CFL programme & experiences of a facilitator delivering a workshop.
  • Pre- and Post Participant surveys
  • Breaking the Silence, DVD and accompanying Facilitators Discussion Guide
    • A brief background about the film
    • Pre- film viewing questions
    • Post-film viewing questions and coaching guide
  • The Conversation Game (1 pack)
  • How-to guided notes on facilitating the Conversation Game in a group
  • 6-Part Conversation Template
  • How-to guided notes on translating the conversation game and film discussion into the 6-Part Template
  • Conversation tool to help start conversations
  • Action Planning Summary sheet to support participants next steps
  • A list of additional support services (UK)
    • Pre and Post Tests for evaluation
    • Purchasing this pack allows you to copy the participant handouts.
    • Nationally approved forms and guides can be downloaded on-line
    • Extra packs of the Conversation Game cards can be purchased separately dependent on size of group. (Recommended 1 pack/delegate)


Price: £99.00